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Tuttle Twins - Books, Magazines, & Games

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Tuttle Twins - books & resources for all ages

From the Tuttle Twins' website:

Shield Your Kids with The Tuttle Twins

The Tuttle Twins are the only books that help children develop critical thinking skills about real-world concepts—sharing ideas with kids that most adults don’t even know!

Let’s be honest, most children’s books teach very basic ideas, if any at all—they’re full of fluff and silly stories. And while these can be good to develop reading skills and phonetics, they typically don’t teach children important ideas that they can apply in their life.

Our books recognize that the world is full of companies, people, and politicians who want to expose your children to ideas you do not support.

This includes school teachers who see their job as “activism” to spread leftist ideas and encourage children to think like they do.

The Tuttle Twins empower parents like you to make sure your children have a foundation of freedom—to understand the ideas of a free society that socialists are trying to hard to undermine.


Toddler Books:

You’re never too young to learn the basic ideas of freedom—and our new toddler books prove that fact! These extremely cute (and highly educational) board books cover three ideas: economics, liberty, and the American Revolution. Each book walks through each letter of the alphabet to introduce new words and their definitions, alongside some cute illustrations!


tuttle twins - Recommended ages 5-11.

However, great for all ages!

The Tuttle Twins series closes the gap, helping parents convey the principles of freedom to their kids in a fun way. Each book in this series focuses on a different aspect of the principles of a free society: free markets, competition, individual rights, the non-aggression principle, personal responsibility, protectionism, and a variety of other issues—all boiled down to core concepts that children of different ages can easily grasp.


Pre-Teen and Older Book series:

Guidebooks: Our illustrated, hardback series of books for pre-teens and teenagers (and adults!) introduce all kinds of important topics: critical thinking, logic, entrepreneurship, hard work, standing up for what is right, and much more! A whopping 806 pages of content will fill your child’s mind with the essential information they need to become well-rounded.

Choose Your Own Consequence: Our story books for teenagers (and pre-teens and young adults) feature a series of adventures where the readers control the story! With 33 total story endings between the four books, your kids will be able to observe the outcomes of different economic and political situations that Ethan and Emily—age 15 in this new book series—encounter and have to figure out.


America's History: A Series of Tuttle Twins Stories:

240-page book on American history is unlike any other. Where other textbooks for kids focus on what happened, we focus on why it all happened. Where other books ignore the ideas behind the Revolution, our book is full of them.

Join Ethan and Emily through a series of stories that share the inspiring events and powerful ideas behind the founding of America. This is an essential book for every freedom-loving family who wants their children to learn about America’s past so we can create a better future together.


Tuttle Times—a monthly magazine

For children ages 5-12 with lessons, activities, and projects to learn all kinds of important information about how the world works. And even better? Get the Magazine Plus subscription and every month you’ll get additional activities and aids to gain even more value from the monthly magazine. We also include a short Parent’s Guide inside to help mom and dad better understand what the kids are learning about in each month’s issue!


graphic novels - based on tuttle twins cartoon

Adapted from episodes of the Tuttle Twins cartoon, these graphic novels let your kids relive the principles and stories portrayed in the show. With hundreds of pages of freedom-packed action, your kids will learn even more after watching!


tuttle twins - family game

Our Tuttle Twins books inspire children to learn the ideas of a free society — and now with our collaborative story game, the entire family can participate! Part entertaining and part educational, this game gives families an opportunity to use familiar characters, settings, and concepts to create their own Tuttle Tales!

But be ready for it — this game is full of twists, since the Action Cards may totally change the game in silly, unexpected ways! It’s sure to elicit laughs and help your children recall — and better understand — the concepts they’ve been learning about in the Tuttle Twins books.


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