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Not Consumed - Setting you FREE from a traditional Reading Curriculum.

Do you feel boxed into having a separate curriculum for reading? This has always been something that families struggle with. We are led to believe that every subject needs its own curriculum in order to be taught to their children. Let's think about it. Every time you read about history, science, children's books, literature, etc. It is reading. Not Consumed has taken this idea and built a notebook that allows families to use books they are already reading for another subject, or a book that the child actually wants to read and dive into the basic concepts. Check out how this can be accomplished below.

Is reading a struggle in your homeschool?

Not Consumed's BRAND NEW Reading Journals offer an alternative to a traditional reading curriculum allowing students to choose their own books, while still learning important literary concepts.

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Middle School Reading Journal:

  • Break away from a formal reading curriculum format.

  • Increase interest in reading by letting your child choose what books to read.

  • Implement 10–15-minute lessons to help a child struggling with reading.

  • Teaches kids how to process and comprehend their reading while helping them enjoy it more.

High School Reading Journal:

  • Create lifelong readers by giving teens the freedom to choose what they want to read.

  • Use it to incorporate books from other subjects instead of having additional reading assignments.

  • Help students identify their favorite literary genres

  • Teach students how to analyze literature to better appreciate what they're reading.

  • Gain control over reading expectations while making it easy to logbooks read.

Elementary Reading Journal:

  • Gives freedom for your student to learn at their own pace.

  • Makes reading fun by allowing students to choose books that interest them.

  • Improves reading ability by cultivating an excitement and eagerness for reading.

  • Builds reading comprehension skills without overwhelming with work.

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