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🤩 Homeschool - 🌞Summer Sales 🌞- Curriculum, Clothing, & Home Products

Here are some of the summer sales that are currently available. Click on the images to be directed to the website.

Remember: Friends don't keep secrets on great deals! Therefore, I'm sharing these deals with you!

Please feel free to spread the word! 🤩


Spiral Bible - SAVE 28% on the Entire Old Testament!

The Bible as a Notebook: SAVE 28% with the 4-Volume Old Testament Bible Bundle! Each volume is spiral bound and lays completely flat so you can read, study, take notes, color, or draw. All volumes are 8.5 x 11 with double-wide margins, a large font, and printed on durable white notebook paper. Lay them flat and mark them up!  


Love in Faith - Christian shirts: BOGO DEAL

Buy 1 shirt get 1 FREE unlimited!

Use this code at checkout: BOGOFREE


$1 membership. Save $19!

Riverbend Ranch - All natural beef products. Grain is grown on the same property as the cows are bred, born, raised, and butchered. From start to finish all in 1 location.


Christianbook - FREE Shipping



The Waldock Way - Buy 5 get 1 FREE

The Waldock Way - Buy 5 get 1 FREE

The Waldock Way - Buy 5 get 1 FREE


Use Code: FLASH30

Flash Sale Alert: From July 12-15, 2023CompassClassroom's Latin and Vocabulary courses by Dwane Thomas are 30% off with coupon code FLASH30!

Get the ever-entertaining Visual Latin or the Word-Up Vocab Show.


Harbor & Sprout - NEW Releases

  • Plants

  • Survival Skills

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